what we're all about

Mighty Bowl began as Vancouver, WA's first mobile food truck back in 2012 (second to the first stationary cart, hat-tip Weiner Wagon!)

Since 2012, Mighty Bowl has expanded. Mighty Bowl now also has a Brick & Mortar Restaurant, a Food Cart in Hazel Dell and a Catering Department.

The Food Truck still operates today, holding various locations around Vancouver, including a spot at the Vancouver Farmer's Market. 

Mighty Bowl serves nutrient dense food made from consciously chosen, simple, whole ingredients.

We know that the ingredients we choose to serve are fundamental components of health, wellness and environmentalism.

That is why our food has always been free of artificial preservatives, fillers, additives, artificial colors & artificial dyes.

We also choose local and organic as often as possible

Mighty Bowl is committed to supporting our local economy by running various "Support Local" campaigns.

We believe if our fellow small businesses are thriving, everyone benefits.

Additionally, in the beginning of 2020, Mighty Bowl decided to no longer source from Amazon.com. We took this step in an effort to source from smaller and more more local vendors. We hope this mentality expands to all communities and the world at large.  

Mighty Bowl is also a business that strives to be as environmentally non-impactful as possible. 

Mighty Bowl is proud to say that in 2019, the company became

95% free of single use plastics.

The company is currently working to make this percentage

100% in the next years to come. 

Mighty Bowl is also happy to be composting all organic waste.


Mighty Bowl is a business of Food in Action LLC, a company that values employee's health, wellness and work/life balance.

The company offers mental health benefits, wellness benefits as well as fitness benefits to all of its employees.

Food in Action LLC also operates Moo Burgers & Beer, a plant-based burger and craft beer pop-up that began in August of 2020.

Moo Burgers & Beer is temporarily closed, with hopes to reopen by late Spring 2021.